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Top 10 Weirdest Job Interview Questions asked in the UK and Germany


Here is a list of actual interview questions asked by some major companies in the UK and Germany (courtesy of Social Talent). 

How would you answer these?

United Kingdom:

10. “What was your opinion of the film Blair Witch Project?“
– asked at Jefferies & Company (an investment bank).

9. “What is the wildest thing you have done?“
– asked at Metro Bank.

8. ”What cartoon character would you be and why?“
– asked at ASDA

7. “You have 17 red and 17 blue balls, and you remove 2 at a time. If the two are the same colour, add in one extra blue ball. If they are different colours, add in an extra red ball. What colour is the final ball removed?“
– asked at Geonomics (a location-based lottery creator).

6. “Is batman a super hero?“
– asked at AlphaSights.

5. “What would you take to a lonely island with you and why?“
– asked at Urban Outfitters.

4. “How would you sell a fridge to an eskimo?“
– asked at Harrods.

3. “How many calories are in a grocery store?”
– asked at Google.

2. “Estimate the total number of cars in the UK.”
– asked at Barclays Capital.

1. “Can you calculate how many tennis balls are used during the course of Wimbledon?“
– asked at Accenture.


10. “Imagine a machine that can produce all the milk that Starbucks needs, worldwide, on an average day. This requires only the correct number of cows to go through the machine. How many Starbucks stores are there worldwide? How many cows you would need? How quickly would they have to go through?“
– asked by Bain & Company (a management consulting firm).

9. “Give me 7 things you can do with this pen?”
– asked by HitFox Group.

8. “Please try to estimate the annual consumption of Clearasil in Germany.”
– asked by RB

7. “Who you gonna call?!”
– asked by Zalando (a shoe retailer).

6. “What is your personal secret?“
– asked by Apple.

5. “What was your favourite event in history?“
– asked by eFront Financial Solutions.

4. “Which 30 German companies are in DAX?“
– asked by Roland Berger.

3. “How would you proceed to measure the height of a building with a barometer?“
– asked by Unicredit Management Consulting.

2. “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?“
– asked by Estee Lauder.

1. “Explain how to cook eggs perfectly.”
– asked by Fraunhofer Society (a German research facility).

See more at: http://www.socialtalent.co/blog/top-10-weirdest-job-interview-questions-asked-by-real-companies-in-2015

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